Baseball, Thunderstorms, and Propane


Welcome to summer!

It’s a beautiful time of year; baseball is back in full swing (the Phillies are still in it, and the Pirates still have a shot!), the 2018 World Cup Russia has captured the nation (even without the U.S. in it), and we’re getting ready to go on our much-anticipated summer vacations with family and friends. At the center of it all? Propane.

With all the exciting of Summer, the last thing on your mind is probably your propane and heating oil company. It’s on ours because, well, we work in it! We, like you, can’t wait to catch the game on a summer’s night where we, more than likely, will be gathered around the grill watching a playoff push.

Speaking of the Grill…

Make sure your Tank is Full

Nothing will crash your barbecue faster than getting the grill fired up without any “juice”. On a mid-size grill, on tank generally lasts between 18-20 hours of grilling. If you were grilling all last summer, chances are it’s time for an exchange or refill. At Flynn, we’re happy to refill you tank. If you’d like to refill with us, you can drop your 20# tank off at our office and you can pick it up the next day. If you need it filled right away, take your tanks to Moore’s Auto. They have a refill station and the propane is from Flynn. Tip: You can usually get more propane when you refill, rather than exchange.

Propane Safety

Propane grilling gives us an excuse to get outdoors and enjoy the season. The season, however, doesn’t always cooperate. In our area, summer also means thunderstorms, complete with inches of rain, lighting, and thunder. If you’ve lived in the are long, you know a thunderstorm is usually just around the corner. What does this mean for my propane?

Not a lot. But safety is key. In the event of a fire or flood, it’s important to be prepared. Take a few minutes to make a plan. In your plan, include a list of emergency contact numbers, including your propane company. Also include clear clear instructions for turning off your home’s propane connections, along with electricity and water.

With all the water we get, there’s a chance you could be faced with flooding. If flooding occurs (and it’s safe to do so), turn off your propane by closing the valve (turning it clockwise). If it’s unsafe to reach your propane connection, don’t risk it. Call your gas company or fire department instead.

When storms have passed, check your propane tanks (both cooking and heating), propane lines, and components for damage.

Back to Baseball

Summer is back. Baseball in Philly is back. Long summer nights with friends, family, and fireflies, is back. At the center of it all? Propane. Give Flynn Energy a call for all of your propane needs– we’ll be around all summer long.

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