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We’ve reached the end of summer. It might not feel like fall is coming, or that winter is around the corner, but check your local grocery stores and you will see reminders—candy corn, pumpkin-spiced hot chocolate and coffee, and bags of Halloween candy. It’s true—summer won’t last forever. As a result, we thought we’d reintroduce ourselves to our current customers, …

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Towanda, PA –Year after year, Flynn Energy hosts a golf tournament at Towanda Country Club to help raise funds for a local in need. This year, it was Mason Barto’s turn. Flynn Energy, located in Towanda, PA, announced today that its eighth annual charity golf tournament raised $17,095 to help Mason and his family fight congenital disorder of glycosylation (CDG). Diagnosed …

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It’s a beautiful time of year; baseball is back in full swing (the Phillies are still in it!), the 2018 World Cup Russia has captured the nation (even without the U.S. in it), and we’re getting ready to go on our much-anticipated summer vacations with family and friends. At the center of it all? Propane.

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An emotional EJ Flynn stood in front of a tired crowd of golfers Friday afternoon to thank them for their generous support of Mason Barto, the recipient of Flynn Energy’s eighth annual Charity Golf Tournament.

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Towanda, PA — Flynn Energy is pleased to announce its eighth annual charity golf tournament at Towanda Country Club on June 1st, 2018. Proceeds from the event are set to go to Mason Barto and his family, residents of the area. Last year’s tournament raised more than 16 thousand dollars for Ainsleigh Carrington, who was diagnosed with Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome. Leading up to …