Passenger Car Engine Oils

GulfTEC® Synthetic Motor Oils provide better fuel economy, oxidation control, and lower emissions than comparable conventional oils. They also provide for enhanced sludge and deposit control, leading to better overall cleanliness of the engine. They have been formulated and tested to protect the seals in today’s engines. They contain additives to help mitigate the effects of water retention and absorption, which can occur when using ethanol containing fuels.

High Mileage Passenger Car Engine Oil

Gulfpride® High Mileage Motor Oils are specially designed for gasoline engine powered vehicles with 75,000 miles or more. Based on extensive field testing, the oil has proven to reduce high temperature varnish deposits, and reduce ring sticking. They enhance fuel economy by reducing friction and wear. These oils are excellent for use in all seasons. All viscosity grades meet the requirements of API SN and the latest ILSAC GF-5, as well as meeting the requirements of all previous API “S” categories, including SM, SL, and SJ.

Two Cycle Engine Oil

Gulfpride Two Cycle Marine Engine Oil is formulated with an additive system specifically designed to minimize combustion chamber deposits, reduce spark plug fouling and pre-ignition. It offers outstanding rust and corrosion protection, excellent anti-wear properties for prevention of cylinder wall scuffing, and a green tint for easy identification (gasoline mixture may alter final color). Additionally, this product has a high temperature detergency additive package for maintaining cleaner engine parts, minimizing deposits on inlet and exhaust ports, as well as preventing ring sticking. When mixed with fuel, it resists the formation of harmful gels and deposits during temporary storage.

Heavy Duty Diesel Engine

Gulf heavy duty engine oils are formulated to meet or exceed the requirements of most major manufacturers of diesel engines. They are formulated with synthetic base fluids that provide extra thermal stability, oxidation resistance, shear stability, high-VI and excellent low temperature fluidity. They meet certain requirements of Detroit Diesel, Cummins, Mack, Caterpillar and Allison. This fluid also meets the requirements of API CJ-4/SM.

CNG Fueled Vehicles

Gulf Compressed Natural Gas Engine Oil, 15W-40 has a higher level of antiwear protection than engine oils designed for larger, slower speed stationary gas engines. It also differs significantly from diesel engine oils.

Industrial Gas Engine Oil

Gulfco® Premium LA Gas Engine Oil series are premium performance lubricants formulated with advanced additive technology and superior high quality Group II base oils that provide the ultimate in protection for turbocharged, naturally aspirated, medium and high speed, four-cycle gas engines requiring a low ash oil. The additive system utilized in Gulfco® Premium LA Gas Engine Oil has been performance proven under severe service, high demand/load, high output conditions such as ‘lean burn’ and stoichiometric four-cycle engines in co-generation and gas compression applications. The low ash, low phosphorous formula provides exceptional anti-wear protection to valve-train components, gears, bearings, pistons and rings while insuring catalytic converter compatibility and longevity.

Gulfco® Premium LA Gas Engine Oil is formulated to provide enhanced performance in the areas of oxidation and nitration resistance and aggressive BN retention, enabling its use in extended, engine-oil drain applications.

Railroad Lubricants

Gulf Dieselmotive 494 (SAE 40) and Dieselmotive Multigrade (SAE 20W-40) are premium, locomotive crankcase oils designed to provide optimum engine protection for high horsepower, turbocharged two and four cycle engines normally found in railroads, marine and stationary power generation units where zinc free oils are required. They are formulated to an LMOA Generation 6 quality level and are approved and qualified under EMD’s internal listing. Gulf Dieselmotive Engine Oils meet the requirements and are compatible with earlier generation railroad diesel engine oils.