FAITH: Fuel Assurance for an Uncertain Season


If you were around last winter, you probably remember that it was a stressful season. The ups and downs in temperature last year stressed us all out, primarily when it came to heating our homes. Winter in this region is often unpredictable. We know it’s going to snow, but we don’t know how much. We also know the temperature is going to drop.

For this reason, and many more, it’s nice to have some assurances, like guaranteed price protection and automatic heating oil delivery.

Heating oil shouldn’t be like one of your grocery items. You can’t just stop by the local super market and pick up some heating oil last minute like you would a bag of flour you need for baking or some tomatoes for your cook out. Heating your home should be automatic- it’s a necessity for comfort that you shouldn’t need to add to your list every month.

With your home heating oil, you need assurance. That’s just what you get with FAITH: Fuel Assurance in the Home.

FAITH is our price-capped, automatic delivery program for home heating oil. As a FAITH customer, you get year-round price protection. This season, you’ll never pay more than $2.999 as a FAITH customer, helping you budget and save money during an unpredictable season. But that might not even be the best part. Once enrolled in FAITH, you also become an automatic delivery customer.

Flynn Energy & Propane makes heating your home easy by keeping track of delivery times for you with our Automatic Delivery option. By keeping track of “k-factors”, we help protect you against running out of oil. We develop a personalized schedule which lets us know when you will need oil in your tank. It’s like your canister of flour automatically refilling a cup before it runs out. You need flour to make holiday treats, and heating oil for better comfort all season long. Automatic Delivery is the most efficient manner for delivery, and we offer this free of charge.

You can’t always predict the weather- just look at all the rain we’ve had this summer. But you can predict Flynn when enrolled in FAITH…we’re automatic.

To participate in FAITH, simply complete the faith enrollment form to secure your heating oil price at $2.999 through May  31st, 2019*. Deadline for enrollment is September 14th, 2018. Our staff will then contact you to complete your monthly payment amount.

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