Four Reasons to Heat with Propane this Winter

Last year we were hit hard by winter, and preparing for the worst is something we should all do. Propane is an excellent fuel source, and readily available in our area to keep your home comfortable all season long. Here are four reasons to heat your home with propane this winter.

1. It’s Economical & Efficient

Propane can power virtually anything in your house that runs on electricity. From your stovetop and larger kitchen appliances, to heating your entire home, propane is economical and efficient. Interested in saving money? National data from the US Department of Energy show the cost of electricity is twice the cost of propane. That sounds like an incentive.

2. It’s Readily Available

Nearly 5 percent of all households heat primarily with propane. Why? Since propane comes from natural components, natural gas and petroleum, it’s readily available, even when in high demand (peaking during the winter). About 90 percent of propane used in the US is produced on our soil.

3. It’s Convenient and Durable

Did you know propane tanks are environmentally friendly, and can store safely for up to 40 years? In a pinch, you can have propane delivered to your door, have your tanked filled up, and fill up a storage tank for use in an emergency. It’s reliable, durable, and convenient. Event better… tanks require very little maintenance.

4. It’s Safe

If we were tallying safety scores on home heating fuels, propane might just find itself atop the list. Propane has a very strong safety record. This has to do, in large part, with the strict guidelines imposed by the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA). As long as drivers, technicians, and propane users follow safety guidelines, there’s very little to worry about when it comes to propane safety.

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