A simple test for checking gas grill leaks from the NFPA

Whether you use your propane grill year round, or are firing it up for the first time this Memorial Day weekend, it is always good to ensure you are taking precautionary measures when using propane products. Guy Colonna, NFPA Division Manager, Industrial & Chemical Engineering, gives some basic tips on how to prepare your grill before your first cookout of the season in this short video.

At Flynn Propane we believe in our customers safety first. Before you grill take some time to review these links:

Flynn Propane Safety Portal: This section of our site was designed to help you consider the proper use of propane products in various forms. From what to do if you smell propane to safe grilling, this forum really helps cover a number of different safety related topics when dealing with propane.

Safe Grilling Module: This module gives you a few tips on how to practice safe grilling when you are grilling away in Bradford County and surrounding areas this weekend.

Spring/Summer Propane Safety: This module helps you understand what you should do to maintain safety with your propane systems over the spring and summer months.

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