Construction & Industrial Site Delivery

Fueling Northeastern PA’s construction and industrial sites with On-Road/Off Road Diesel, Propane, Gas, and Lubricants

When you are on a deadline delays and untimely deliveries can prove extremely costly leaving you in a bad spot. Relying on various suppliers to provide you with your diesel, propane, gasoline, lubricants, methanols and glycols can be tedious and bound to cause disruption. With Flynn Energy you get a one-stop shop provider for all your construction industrial site energy needs from a local company that contributes to the local economy.

Bulk Fuels

Flynn Energy works with and services many different types of businesses offering them a variety of fuels, including On and Off Road Diesel, and gasoline throughout all of Pennsylvania and New York, as well as providing off-road diesel and bulk fuels for Ohio and New Jersey. We work to ensure that your company receives the highest quality product, at a competitive price.


Flynn Energy takes great pride in offering comprehensive solutions to help our gasfield customers maintain their vehicles and machinery. By offering Gulf’s highest quality Lubricant line we’re able to give you a quality solution for a reasonable cost. Protect your heavy equipment investments today with one of the top lubricant brands on the market.


Fast service. Quality product. Convenient Customer Experience. That’s what makes us Northeastern PA’s most reliable propane delivery provider. Our family owned and locally operated principle gives you satisfaction that you are working with people you know. As members of the Pennsylvania Propane and Gas Association, National Propane and Gas Association, and the Pennsylvania Oil and Gas Association we stay up-to-date with industry standards, training and laws.

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