Taking a Smarter Route with ezPay

Being prepared for the unexpected always makes trying times more manageable. With the cost of everyday necessities rising rapidly, a failure to budget can mean the difference between feast or famine.

Many of our customers are able to take advantage of our ezPay Gold and ezPay Blue programs. If you are confident that the cost of heating oil will stay stabilized over the next year, then ezPay Blue gives you the ability to spread your heating bills over twelve equal payments. That means you don’t get hit with the bulk of your annual fuel costs all at once.

In addition, our ezPay Gold program lets you take advantage of a capped pricing structure. Much like an insurance policy that protects you against fluctuating medical expenses, ezPay Gold protects you against market volatility. For a small additional fee you get the relief of knowing that regardless of any potential rise in the market your prices will be capped and will never exceed the agreement you have on your ezPay Gold contract. Meanwhile, if the market price dips lower than your ezPay Gold cap, we will honor that lower price.

Why is ezPay Gold and ezPay Blue a good option for you?

Our budget programs offer a versatility that gives you more freedom through the most “expensive” time of the year. With the heating season typically falling in the months of September through March, the additional energy use often coincides with other seasonal activities such as the start of school, the holidays, and vehicle maintenance. Add those expenses on top of your heating costs, and it can be tough to meet all those needs. With a budget program you’re able to spread your payments out equally to create less of a burden during the heavy months.

What are the additional benefits of being a budget customer?

Savings on every gallon

As a ezPay customer, when you pay your bill on time you are given a $0.10/gallon discount on the current delivery price of fuel. That can amount to big savings throughout the year!

How do I get signed up?

Getting signed up is simple. Just give us a call at 570-268-3880 and ask our representatives about the ezPay Gold and ezPay Blue budget programs.

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